Our Mission

The Indiana Agriculture Coalition for Renewable Energy (IN-ACRE) represents and supports Hoosier farmers and rural landowners who support clean energy projects and technology. The coalition promotes a clean energy agenda that prioritizes Hoosier property rights and the family farms that are the backbone of our rural economy.

Across the state and nation, as energy prices climb, farmers are turning more and more to clean energy—from efficient light bulbs to solar panels and wind energy all created from the land.

These improvements can open up new income streams while improving efficiency and profitability. They also help because generating renewable energy and using domestic fuels more efficiently reduces dependence on foreign oil, providing greater local and national energy security.

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IN-ACRE’s work encompasses the following five areas:

  • Inform

Inform growers about clean energy approaches and technologies that can open up new income streams, help them save money, improve energy efficiency and implement energy-saving farming practices. These approaches also protect natural resources and enable growers to produce and use renewable energy.

  • Educate

Educate community members, lawmakers, and local officials to help improve their understanding of clean energy projects, potentially clearing a path for those landowners who want to embrace these opportunities.

  • Facilitate

Facilitate communication between growers and clean energy developers enabling growers to provide input and feedback on clean energy policies related to agricultural siting and land stewardship.

  • Encourage

Encourage growers and landowners to advocate for clean energy projects and policies with stakeholders and policymakers. Foster and fuel a grassroots organization that gives Indiana growers a voice.

  • Showcase

Showcase the environmental stewardship and entrepreneurship that clean energy projects provide in our rural communities by empowering landowners and moving Indiana in a more prosperous direction.

Our Staff

Sarah Beth Aubrey


Sarah Beth’s mission is to enhance success and profitability in food production systems and in rural communities by building capacity in people. As the founder of IN-ACRE, she brings her twenty years of expertise and experience in the ag industry to the renewable energy + agriculture intersection in Indiana. Her passion for supporting the development of rural communities is a great fit with the mission of IN-ACRE.

Sarah has founded and sold several businesses and advises leaders in the industry on customer engagement, building peer-to-peer networks, sales training, strategic planning, and participates in several advisory roles for clients and organizations.

True to her roots, Sarah Beth and her husband, Cary, live near Monrovia, Indiana, where they operate a small cattle farm.

Travis Murphy

Director of Advocacy & Outreach

As the director of advocacy and outreach for IN-ACRE, Travis focuses on member engagement, recruitment, and developing resources for members.

Previously, Travis worked for the Indiana Office of Energy Development as the chair of the Indiana Wind Working Group (Wind Powering America’s 2009 National Working Group of the Year), the Indiana Solar Energy Working Group (founder), and the Indiana Biomass Working Group, among others.

When he moved into the private sector with Johnson Melloh Solutions as a Business Development Manager, he helped to develop about 22MW of solar power, including the high-profile project at the Indianapolis International Airport, at the time of construction was the largest airport-based solar farm in the world.

Travis has also worked at Duke Energy where he helped launched the Indiana Small Business Energy Savings program, and at Ameresco to develop renewable energy, energy efficiency, and infrastructure renewal projects across Indiana.

Travis recently moved forward with his long-standing dream of owning his own clean energy consultative practice, Clean Energy Blueprint, leveraging his 18-year career in clean energy and natural resources into positive results and relationships for his clients.

Jasmine Eisinger

Program Manager

Jasmine may be new to Indiana agriculture, but she’s from farm stock in her home state of Wisconsin and treasures her decades in 4-H as a member, and later as a county extension assistant before moving to Indiana several years ago.

As the program manager, Jasmine focuses on the background of keeping the coalition running: this website, social media, running the technology for events, maintaining and updating the member list, and recording the quarterly meeting notes keeps her busy.

Jasmine and her husband, Dave, live in Indianapolis with their cat.