Member List

IN-ACRE Member List

(in alphabetical order by surname)

Updated March 22, 2021

Our members are Hoosier growers, farmers, and landowners who are interested in or already have renewable energy projects. If you are a business, trade organization, or renewable energy company, you can join our Strategic Partner membership.

  • Wendy Albright, Hudson
  • Cary & Sarah Aubrey, Monrovia
  • Russell & Shirley Aubrey, Anderson
  • Tony Bailey, Frankton
  • Clark Beard, Beard Management Corp.
  • Mike Beard, Meadowland Farms
  • Jim & Lynn Carey, Sheridan
  • Paul Cummings, Trafalgar
  • Bruce Everhart, Everhart Herefords
  • Jeff Garland, Papa G’s Organic
  • Jim Herr, Beck’s Hybrids
  • Rick Jarrett, Rick Jarrett Farms
  • Aaron Johnson, River View Farms
  • Mark Kessler, Kessler Farms
  • Jonathan Lamb, Constant Canopy
  • Doug Leman, Indiana Dairy Producers
  • Keevin Lemenager, Lemenager Farms
  • Andrew Lemmon, Whiteshire Hamroc
  • Nick Michel
  • John Nidlinger, Nidlinger Farms Inc.
  • Cory Peter, 101 Inc.
  • Robert & Kristin Lyons Potter, Zionsville
  • Terry Rassi
  • Kathie Rhorer
  • Ryan Rogers, Homestead Dairy
  • Alejandro Rojas, Aquabounty
  • William Savage
  • Danielle Tolan, Sheridan
  • Don Villwock, Villwock Farms
  • Gary Voorhis

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