Member List

IN-ACRE Member List

(in alphabetical order by surname)

Updated March 22, 2021

Our members are Hoosier growers, farmers, and landowners who are interested in or already have renewable energy projects.

  • Wendy Albright, Hudson
  • Cary & Sarah Aubrey, Monrovia
  • Russell & Shirley Aubrey, Anderson
  • Tony Bailey, Frankton
  • Clark Beard, Beard Management Corp.
  • Mike Beard, Meadowland Farms
  • Jim & Lynn Carey, Sheridan
  • Paul Cummings, Trafalgar
  • Bruce Everhart, Everhart Herefords
  • Jeff Garland, Papa G’s Organic
  • Jim Herr, Beck’s Hybrids
  • Rick Jarrett, Rick Jarrett Farms
  • Aaron Johnson, River View Farms
  • Mark Kessler, Kessler Farms
  • Jonathan Lamb, Constant Canopy
  • Doug Leman, Indiana Dairy Producers
  • Keevin Lemenager, Lemenager Farms
  • Andrew Lemmon, Whiteshire Hamroc
  • Nick Michel
  • John Nidlinger, Nidlinger Farms Inc.
  • Cory Peter, 101 Inc.
  • Robert & Kristin Lyons Potter, Zionsville
  • Terry Rassi
  • Kathie Rhorer
  • Ryan Rogers, Homestead Dairy
  • Alejandro Rojas, Aquabounty
  • William Savage
  • Danielle Tolan, Sheridan
  • Don Villwock, Villwock Farms
  • Gary Voorhis

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