Belinda Puetz

Belinda Puetz is CountryMark’s Director of Marketing and in this capacity provides leadership on the company’s sales, marketing, brand and sustainability initiatives. She began her employment with CountryMark as the Brand Marketing Manager in 2007. Prior to joining the CountryMark team, she served as the Biofuels Director for the Indiana Soybean Board, a writer for an Indianapolis ad agency and a field reporter for Indiana AgriNews. Belinda earned her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Communications from Purdue University in 1991. 

CountryMark is an oil exploration, production, refining and marketing company. The company brings to the market premium quality diesel fuels, gasoline, lubricants and energy equipment. CountryMark is one of the state’s largest blenders of biodiesel blended fuels and is a leading proponent of higher ethanol blends, such as E15 also known as Unleaded 88. CountryMark is headquartered in Indianapolis and is structured as a farmer owned cooperative. An estimated 65% of farmers and 60% of school corporations in the CountryMark trade area are fueled by the company’s refined fuel products. Annual sales exceed $1 billion. 

Belinda has had the pleasure of serving on the Purdue School of Agriculture Dean’s Advisory Board, the Purdue Ag Alumni Board of Directors, and the South Shores Clean Cities Board of Directors. She is a past chairman of the Indiana FFA Foundation Board of Directors and is a graduate of the Indiana Ag Leadership Program.