Our Team

Carson Swofford, Policy Analyst

Carson Swofford is a policy analyst for IN-ACRE and IN-CLIMATE. Carson has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science and is currently working on his Master’s Degree in the same field at Indiana University, Bloomington. Carson’s primary field of study is water resources which includes water policy, resource management, and hydrology. He also has knowledge in basic sciences, forestry, and soil management.

As a policy analyst, Carson hopes to use his skills to research and produce project deliverables for IN-ACRE and IN-CLIMATE. He strives to bridge the gap between scientists and policymakers by making information understandable for all audiences. These projects will help provide the coalition members with qualitative and quantitative data to make informed decisions.

Carson can be reached at carson@inclimateindiana.com.

Hannah Latty, Communications & Policy Manager

Hannah Latty serves as Communications & Policy Manager for IN-ACRE.

In May of 2021, Hannah graduated with her Bachelors of Science Degree in Human Biology from Indiana University Bloomington, and it was through her coursework that she discovered her interest in sustainability. After graduation, Hannah previously interned at Circular Indiana (formerly Indiana Recycling Coalition) where she worked on their communications, marketing, and policy projects.

Hannah can be reached at hannah@sarahbethaubrey.com.

Travis Murphy, Electric Generation Consultant

As a consultant for electric generation for IN-ACRE, Travis leverages nearly two decades of experience to help our members succeed.

Travis Murphy, Electric Generation Consultant

Previously, Travis worked for the Indiana Office of Energy Development as the chair of the Indiana Wind Working Group (Wind Powering America’s 2009 National Working Group of the Year), the Indiana Solar Energy Working Group (founder), and the Indiana Biomass Working Group, among others.

When he moved into the private sector with Johnson Melloh Solutions as a Business Development Manager, he helped to develop about 22MW of solar power, including the high-profile project at the Indianapolis International Airport, at the time of construction was the largest airport-based solar farm in the world.

Travis has also worked at Duke Energy where he helped launched the Indiana Small Business Energy Savings program, and at Ameresco to develop renewable energy, energy efficiency, and infrastructure renewal projects across Indiana.

Travis recently moved forward with his long-standing dream of owning his own clean energy consultative practice, Clean Energy Blueprint, leveraging his 18-year career in clean energy and natural resources into positive results and relationships for his clients.

Sarah Beth Aubrey, Director

Sarah Beth’s mission is to enhance success and profitability in food production systems and in rural communities by building capacity in people. As the founder of IN-ACRE, she brings her twenty years of expertise and experience in the ag industry to the renewable energy + agriculture intersection in Indiana. Her passion for supporting the development of rural communities is a great fit with the mission of IN-ACRE.

Sarah has founded and sold several businesses and advises leaders in the industry on customer engagement, building peer-to-peer networks, sales training, strategic planning, and participates in several advisory roles for clients and organizations.

True to her roots, Sarah Beth and her husband, Cary, live near Monrovia, Indiana, where they operate a small cattle farm.

IN-ACRE is operated founded by elevate ag, the 20 year food, agriculture and natural resources consulting firm owned and operated by Sarah Beth Aubrey.